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Universal Law and Order *

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All phenomena are the result of The One Law. To truly understand all things in essence, the Principles of the One Law have to be understood.
All phenomena are in constant flux. Without CHANGE things and even concepts will disappear as soon as they are created. There has to be a Constant to make existence continue. The constant that perpetuates Creation is the Law of Change, Creator’s Law. Everything changes due to the Un-change, which is Change. This paradox is the key of Great Mystery.

Oneness is the beginning and end, and is The Source. It is only through contrast or polarity that we can sense Oneness. Front and back, high and low, left and right, inner and outer, past and future, etc., give dimension to Oneness. Contrast creates “everything out of nothing”. At inception Oneness “explodes” and separates itself into two, the polarity. One pole has the inner position (Centre) and the other pole has the outer position (Circumference). The opposite poles maintain each other, due to their common origin, the Oneness. Leer más…

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Creator’s Law *

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“Shake the Anthill and tell the World the truth about Creator’s Law” was the Message of Titus the Hopi Elder. Now ever than before is the understanding of the One Law needed, to end the flood of terrorism, of all kinds. Many are terrorists of the worst kind without knowing it. The worst terrorist is the one who goes into extremes to claim his/her turf, with the total disregard of the truth that Creation is the Common Ground. This is the method of the gangster who wants to mark the boundaries of his territory … instigate a problem first (FEAR) and then offer a “solution”, So who are the ones who offer the “solutions” by which we can “live” WITH the problem? Leer más…

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DE-Fence the Earth *

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With making Creator’s One Law
The Primary Constant
It’s so OBVIOUS…..when laws are used as weapons…..Weapons become the law.
Where does it begin that laws become weapons?
What is a law?
A law is a constant, needed to maintain order.
The only constant that is truly Constant is CHANGE, to maintain the Order of the Infinite Universe. Leer más…

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