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The Two Ways (Yin/Yang) of Reaching Into The Infinite

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The circle is the EXPANDED centre and the centre is the CONTRACTED circle.

So….does it matter whether we go inwards or outwards?

Both circle and centre are the SAME.

It is merely by PERCEPTION that the DIFFERENCE can exist.

By this line of reasoning only it becomes possible to accept today’s world order (disorder) to be the ruler of our existence. Leer más…

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Code of Love *

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Heart holds the essence whereby we can Know Truth. It is also a Consciousness generator. When we make choices we consequently use our will, which represents the Creative Force. Thus by knowing the Truth of who we truly are…. there is no limit that we can not use as our Stepping Stone.

Free Will is the result of consciously making choices.  In the Oneheart there is no need for “mine/yours”, “right/wrong”, “like/dislike” and “good/bad”.  The ones who live half-heartedly maintain these dualistic concepts.  When we look at choices within the universal context, the most correct decisions can be made, because in the Oneness we can See opposites as complementaries. We only see opposites as antagonistic when we are immersed in the illusion or dualism. Leer más…

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Principles and Theorems of Creator’s Law *

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Seven Principles
All visible and invisible phenomena are manifestations of One Infinity
Everything changes.
All antagonisms are complementary.
There is nothing identical.
What has a front has a back.
The bigger the front, the bigger the back.
What has a beginning has an end.
Twelve Theorems Leer más…

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LIVE the ONE Law

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Created in the Image of the ALL-Mighty, we have been given the GIFT of FREE WILL….that we can only use with the Power of DISCERNMENT.

Ultimately we must make the CHOICE between the EXTREME OPTIONS whereby we can KNOW that the ONLY ONE is WITHIN.

With THE Choice we can let Creation come forth THROUGH the Microcosm that holds the SOUL, that is Temporarily Enshrouded by the Flesh.

Our Being was most precisely designed to LIVE the Absolute and Eternal ONE Law of Creation. Leer más…

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God/god = Law/law *

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Who does one worship: God or god? What is worship and what is God?

Worship is adoration – having an affinity to that which supports us in one way or another, or as a whole. What supports us most (that we are aware of) we worship most; this is to us our God.

Law is the Constant by which our needs and existence are perpetuated. The guarantee for the support we need to exist is Law. Consider the two existences of Being: one is temporary – measured between birth and death; the other is eternal and has neither beginning nor end. When we primarily, or only, consider our existence as temporal, we primarily, or only, subject ourselves to temporal laws. Such laws are governed under a secondary or inferior god. However, when our eternal existence is our primary concern, we will follow the Eternal and Unbreakable One Law of the Creator of All. This God we worship is the true and only God. God (Creator of All) = Law (Eternal Constant). Leer más…

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