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To Patricia Davis, Thomas Francis and all whose concern it is to have World Peace:

The wisdom of the land I was born (Java) has been a great spiritual guide for me. It is centred around the word SABAR, meaning Patience. Patience gives us the greatest opportunity for coming as close as possible to the MOMENT, which is Unstoppable and thus be most precise. So, if in doubt…. Practice Patience..

“Sabar” is encouraged at times of conflict, Any conflict is the result of an imbalance or not being precise. So, give it what it needs to bring the opposites into balance with each other. Those who have grown up must show their maturity with their great degree of Patience. Reactionary behaviour is that of the infant, looking for an Elder to teach them Patience. Giving in to impatience is the result of the lack of inner-power and thus the “world must come to assistance” for the “infant” to get a sence of power. This is the “issue” around Roy Littlesun that was started by two infantile individuals, PatriCIA Davis and Thomas Francis.

So, my patience has been tested! I am 71 years of age… still learning from the Greatest ELDER who is in each one of us. For five years I have been discredited by two individuals, Patricia Davis and Thomas Francis. They asked me to react to their drama . If I had, it would have distracted me from a TASK I promised my adoptive Hopi father Titus to fulfil….. as they have been using much of their waking hours banging on the keyboard, to convince the world that they have the qualification to “defend the Hopi” (for reasons other than what the Hopi have to serve). So, I would like to know the names of the Hopi wisdom keepers (other than those of the illegally installed / operating “Hopi Tribal Council”) who gave them the authority to represent the Hopi, notably my adoptive Hopi father Titus.

The way Pat and Tom presented their “righteousness” over the internet, concerning “Roy Littlesun and the Hopi”, requires indeed INTEGRITY. In other words, Pat and Tom must be ABSOLUTELY CORRECT about THEIR Truth.

Truth has two aspects. Truth as is and the PERCEPTION of Truth. ONLY the Creator KNOWS the “Truth and nothing but the Truth” that no one can fully comprehend, not even when enlightened. So what are unenlightened people doing to bring forth THEIR truth? This is what the “mainstream media” is all about. It is used to round up unenlightened people to empower a few who “know it all”. There is nothing creative and noble about this practice, for it will turn the FOLLOWERS into a lynch-mob, This is the zigzag path of destruction that the Hopi described in their prophecies.

Consider the CONSEQUENCES if/when in the end (only then, when ALL cards are facing up) Pat and Tom are proven WRONG (even the Hopi can not escape from this Moment of Truth). So, what to do when this is the case? After having convinced thousands or even millions of people about their “mission” to discredit a Messenger, that it was all based on own blindness and ignorance? Would they make the SAME efforts to convince the world that they made a serious mistake? And what would many do with the lie, not knowing that it has been a lie all along? How to rectify the DAMAGE? How to bring back to life the ones who could have been helped with the Message?

So, now let’s find out where Pat and Tom are coming from, after they have extensively profiled me in their image (who else…. to know that the ONLY ONE is in each one of us). It would be a waste of their energies not to FULLY examine (both sides) the “Roy Littlesun/Hopi Issue” they have globally staged at great expense. If this CHALLENGE is accepted then let them be fair and include this letter and ALL replies following, with their “message to the world”. Also my website to be included each time when the “issue” is presented to the “global audience”. Also, that Pat and Tom equally distribute the total dialogue, to ALL who have been on their “mailing list”, and the networking thereof, which has until now been carrying only a ONE-SIDED perspective. One-sided indeed when the Message is obscured with the discrediting of the Messenger.

Meanwhile Pat and Tom have to do some catching up with tracing the thousands of people, and therefrom, to let them know that both have indeed the courage to accept the challenge.

Further I have to say that I will not respond to the orphan mentality of “poor me”. It is time to become a Magician and become a part of the creation of the most unique and greatest MIRACLE of Creation, WORLD PEACE! So far the discrediting has stirred the mind of the warmonger. I have been even named a “Hitler”. No mention whatsoever of the contrary, what I have contributed to over the past thirty four years, in favour of what the Hopi have yet to accomplish. All of this must be revealed to negate the great LIES about Roy Littlesun, that will do NOBODY any good but those who enjoy their OWN UNRESOLVED negativity.

This Reply is due to my understanding that the time is upon us to be serious about giving the BEST answer to the Last Question: “to BE or not to BE”. So, the DIALOGUE possibly coming forth from this letter must FOCUS on the BEST that each one of us can Contribute, to the LEGACY of Humanity. The Focus is on the MAIN ISSUE.

In Essence:

To do justice to the long Human history, exploring every avenue that can possibly lead to the LIMIT, to be used as the Stepping Stone…., perspective within the Universal Context must be presented in order to bring ALL the ACTORS on Stage in the Final Act. Some play “hero”, others “devil’s advocate”. They are all needed in the DRAMA. The last cosmic script must reveal the TRUTH about Creator’s Law, for it is the Eternal Constant that none of us can do without, especially when it concerns Truth. All wars are the end-result of the enforcement of secondary laws. Once laws are used as weapons weapons become the law. The illegally installed “Hopi Tribal Council” demonstrated this to be true at Titus Farm.

A Stage has been set at the Microcosm of the World, Hopiland. Exactly one mile from Hopiland’s last property, declared Sovereign Under Creator’s Law…. there was the contrasting sign of the illegally installed “Hopi Tribal Council”, stating their Exclusion law.

It was the sacred wish of one of the most revered Hopis, Titus, for the world to resonate to “shake the anthill and tell the world the truth about Creator’s Law”. Being an adopted son of Titus and thus fully involved with maintaining the Farm’s Sovereignty I became the “Council’s” first target after Titus joined the Rainbow (literally….visit the web). The “Council” was the first one to SHAKE, by responding with a SWAT-team to confiscate Titus Farm!

The incident spurred me to travel around the World, to actually give resonance to Titus’ wish. It has also EXTENDED the Stage (Globally), with the HELP of Pat and Tom who have energetically represented the “Hopi Tribal Council”. This they unknowingly did by discrediting the Messenger to obscure the Message. So, now that a global networking has been created, by Pat and Tom, the MESSAGE must be Highlighted instead. This can most profoundly come about, IF Pat and Tom can let go of their Personal Agenda. In either case, any one who reads this message let them at least network this website in favour of truth:

Roy Littlesun


Over four months have passed and silence has been the reply.

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