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“Hopi Hoopla”

What is in a Name? I was named a “half-blood”…. I then asked “which half do you mean?”. What is considered the “better part” is usually meant “to be” in the image of another. In earlier days to be a “native” was not so desirable, in the eyes of the “civilised”. Today to have just a slight percentage of “native blood” can boost ones status and claim to belong to a certain tradition. In either case, by not claiming the TOTAL Being we can not give the BEST answer to the Last Question: “to BE or not to BE”.

So, to be a “Hopi” (peaceful one) can not be that great, unless it can resonate to the “to BE” answer. The long awaited World Peace will NOT come by those who quarrel about “Hopi” or “not Hopi”. “Hopi Messenger” is at times added to my name, to acknowledge that the Message I bring forth also contain the agreement I made with my adoptive Hopi father Titus, to “shake the anthill” . Some do not like to be “shaken” by the truth it contains. Others may complain by me not acknowledging the Hopi. So, who will complain when I listen to my Heart?

My adoptive Hopi father Titus will agree with this, as we ate many meals together. We are what we eat! Today many “pure bloods” are identified by blood diseases (heart problems, diabetes, cancer, etc), because the food they have been eating does not contain the MEMORY that can link them with the SOURCE (the WELL). Hence their lack of WELL-BEing. To BE is to Be Well. In other words to be ONE with ALL who connect with the SAME Origin. The “main meal” is to BE!

Hopi means Peace and it would be the great fulfilment of the PLAN when we ALL become Hopi. Only those who want the contrary want to divide the world in “Hopi” and “non-Hopi” (hoopla) or any other form of division for that matter. So I am quite amused about the hoopla of “Hopi” or “not Hopi” centred around Roy Littlesun….. especially when the flack comes from those who don’t dare to name themselves “Hopi”! “Will the True Hopi please stand up”…. silence….

Having a good mixture of different blood lines (Javanese, Sumatran, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Belgian) I have a rich menu of choice indeed.

And, considering that each of the mentioned bloodlines consist different bloodlines, and each of the different different bloodlines, etc….. where do we end up in order to find our ORIGIN we can truly identify ourselves with? Do we have to identify ourselves as such in order to be accepted? If so, then the next question…. by who or what?. Only the ONLY ONE WITHIN, who is in each one of us can truly know. For this reason we must PRACTICE Unconditional Love, so that the SELF can be most powerfully come forth by and from within the SELF.

I am amused about the global internet “Hopi Hoopla” (initiated by the illegally installed Hopi Tribal Council, Patricia Davis and Thomas Francis) centred around Roy Littlesun, by those who are suffering of an identity crisis themselves, big time. So, without further ado I rather identify myself with the Message (visit: ) that some try to obscure by slandering the Messenger.

Indeed, like and dislike are as much needed for our emotional growth as hot and cold is important for the plant to rise from the Earth. The True Human, however, can ascend much further, when we let go of the right wrong hoopla. Now we have come to the stage where the Alpha and Omega must meet in the Heart. So, let’s not waste time and energy on any hoopla and join the Circle of Hearts instead, to rise from our shadow and find the Centre that we all have in COMMON. It is time for the ONEHEART-PORTAL to be REALISED. Being amused is just not good enough. We must Celebrate, TOGETHER.

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