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“BE Hopi”

By Roy Littlesun, a Hopi Messenger
What is more important — the Message or the Messenger? One vindictive individual has been trying to profile me, with total disregard of the message that I have been sharing for the past 35 years. What little time I can spare to reply to this negativity (after over five years being silent) I want to use, to highlight the message and its extend.

Thea Test

For some seventy plus years the “Hopi Tribal Council” has been serving the least desirable part of the Hopi drama. Having been granted by Massaw (Earth’s Guardian) to redeem a most corrupt and destructive past (of former worlds) these individuals who managed to rise to the upper-world, had to go through severe tests to prove their qualification to be Earth’s stewards. The name Hopi have yet to be earned and will come about after the “Last Dance” has successfully inspired Humanity to go back to the “Sharp Edge” (Kalaitaka).

The first test was the migration of the different clans into the Four Directions. During this period no magic could be used. Including “white magic”. Upon failure the return to Oraibi was not allowed. Many clans are still on their migratory test.

The fire clan was most corrupt, for it was responsible for the destructive use of atomic power (gourd full of ashes) in the past. Thus they were given the stone tablets representing the title of the Earth. Then the time arrived that according to the prophetic instructions these stone tablets had to be shown in Santa Fe New Mexico. This was in 1990 right after I arrived in Hopiland. I was commissioned in the assistance.

My decision to stay at Hopiland (first visit was in 1984 that led to my second meeting with grandfather David) began at “Prophecy Rock” near Oraibi. Here the inspiration came to put my hands into the sand in front of the Rock and find”something”. This I did. My hands were two feet apart while diving into the sand. With my left hand I found a small stone that was on one side broken off. My right hand had a similar find, with the difference that it was blackened by fire. Upon examination the surprising conclusion was that both parts fitted together! This was a medicine of Oneness. In the Hopi colour code white relates to the East and black relates to the West. In 1948 (age 14) I was prophetically shown that my role was to help with the East/ancient-West/modern union.

Later I was told by the Hopi that the Purifier can come from two directions. When he comes from the East this would be favourable for World Peace. But, when we fail to in time set the conditions for this to happen, the Purifier would come from the West and not one stone would remain unturned. Good and bad will suffer, for the Purifier would be merciless.

So, since Hopiland is a Microcosm of the World everything in the World is reenacted by the Hopi. The corrupt “Hopi Tribal Council” represents the corrupt”new world order”. Thus the Hopi must walk both “moccasins” in order to understand both sides. Hopi’s role is most difficult indeed. However, as long as the exclusion laws of the “Council” are held up, the missing clans can not come to make the Sacred Hoop complete. The Purifier is among the Dragon (Horned Toad) clan. Must he come by force from the West (China?) or from the East (Britain?) ?

The Hopi elders have said that the Hopi will NOT be able to fulfil their task as long as the “Hopi Tribal Council” is controlling the Hopi. It is utmost essential for World Peace that the “Hopi Tribal Council” is abolished first.

The “Hopi Tribal Council”

(Falsely advertising themselves under the “official Hopi website”)

The Hopi are not a tribe! They consist of clans and the closest they have come to a “government” is the organisation of the village consisting of clan-members. Each village was sovereign and could not be otherwise controlled. So, how did the “Hopi Tribal Council” originate?

One morning in the 1930’s the Hopi’s were called together at the outskirts of Hotevilla. Before them was something that looked like a hot dog stand. A white woman was there with a few Hopi who were affiliated with the US. government. A blank piece of paper was placed in front of each person who approached the stand. At that point the Hopis were shown two markings (+ and o). They were told to mark either + or o on the paper. The Hopi were also told that both were good symbols. The lady was then asked what it was all about. ” It is a secret” she said, but she coaxed and insisted that the Hopi choose either one. The Hopi repeatedly asked what it was all about, but were refused the information.

Later it was revealed that it was called “voting”, the purpose, in this case, was to establish the “Hopi Tribal Council” to act as Hopi’s ears and mouth. Of 400 people in Hotevilla, only two or three “voted”. Later it was learned that the same activity was conducted in other villages. Out of 6000 Hopis only one to two hundred “voted”. Traditional Hopis do not vote. Rather the process of consensus is used.

In order to make the issue pass, votes were switched or stolen to make it look legal. One of the two Hopis who helped count the “votes” testified that they helped stack “votes” in favour of the “Council”, promoted by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) an offshoot of the US department of war, and the Peabody mining company. The so-called “Hopi Tribal Council” was thus born.

Oliver La Farge, the author, and the so-called father of the “Hopi Tribal Council” around twenty years later described the “Council” as an “unlawful body”. The legal status of the “Council” was also dismissed at The Hague’s International Court of Justice.

Up till this day the “Hopi Tribal Council” can not show a constitution that has the signature of just one Hopi. It was signed by Tewas of third mesa, who were converted into Mormonism. The “Hopi Tribal Council” has later declared the Tewas to be Hopis too…. and that makes the constitution ” legal “? With this betrayal the ” Council” could be used to sign away mining concessions to the “Cartel”. The Sacred Black Mountain has since then been desecrated in a most destructive way.

If what is said here is questioned, then let the ” Hopi Tribal Council” be challenged and show the world that it has indeed a legal status! They can not.

BE Hopi

When the BEST answer to the last question is the “to BE”…then why cling to any other name or identity? The Best answer can only be given by the Individual, from Within.

Littlesun is the name I chose to accept, with the understanding that every one else is a “Littlesun”. Each one of us reflects a portion of the Light that comes from the SUN of suns. Even the Sun that every day shines upon everyone is a Littlesun. Until we have become One with the SUN, the power of the light we reflect is relative. We can only GROW IN LIGHT with the growing union of all”Littlesuns”!

The Path I chose happened to lead me to the Hopi, where I was adopted by an extraordinary “Hopi Indian”, who said “I am not an “Indian”…we are all one”.

When visitors came to our cabin Titus often said “Roy get that round thing and tell our friends here the truth about Creator’s Law”. That “round thing” was a globe of the world that I bought at the flea-market for a dollar….and that”round thing” has only one TRUE OWNER, ruled under Creator’s One Law. This is the task of the Hopi, to help the Earth be free from the destructive forces. Only a very few of them have persisted in honouring the covenant. My adoptive father Titus was one of the few. Also he was on the “black-list” of the”Council”. They even tried to kill him.

Hopi’s role has been to help the Earth to stay in balance. This task suits them well, for in the former world they were not Hopi (Peaceful One) but “Kahopi” (Bad Hopi). Massive destruction concluded that world of which they were responsible for. Until the Hopi have fully redeemed themselves in this world, the name “Hopi” is just a “name”. The redemption could not be other than the attainment of WORLD PEACE. This means every one has to be a Peaceful one, a Hopi.

The Hopi consider themselves the “Parents” of Humanity. Many of them became disqualified to be Hopi by selling out to the exploitative cartel (US government and mining companies) . The last instruction (“sinom”) which include all the other sinoms, that the Hopi can go by is BE Hopi…thus be able to inspire”their children, of the world” by being an EXAMPLE. So…how do we name the”children” then?

Some zealots among “non-hopis” have been on my “case” with a global smear campaign that I am not a Hopi and use the name to promote “vested interests”. So far the “vested interests” have inspired many around the world to be part of the realisation of World Peace.

My Hopi relatives have not objected and each time upon visiting Hopiland I experienced a warm welcome. This gives hope that the rest of the Clans can still arrive in peace at Oraibi. The Dragon (Horned Toad) Clan is one of them. This Clan holds the Purifier who must come from the direction of the Rising Sun…when we want to survive the process.

The most destructive purification will come from the direction of the Setting Sun, with the promotion of dividing the world in “Hopi” and “non-Hopi”. When”non-Hopi” present themselves as Hopi…who of the True Hopi would object? When we trust the inevitable justice under Creator’s Law, wouldn’t it sorter out itself? So, don’t worry…BE Hopi!

Moreover, having been commissioned to help the Hopi to call up the Purifier into the Four Directions, at Santa Fe (1990)…it is still a responsibility to help with having the Purification coming from the East Direction.

Being a Son of East and West and having various ancestry (Javanese, Sumatran, Portuguese, Dutch, Belgian, German) I have a rich choice of identities indeed. Yet, some call me a “half-blood”. “Which half do you address to” I then ask. In earlier days the “white side” was considered the “better part”. Today the “side of colour” is more favourable. In either case one deals with a “half-truth”, a lie. So, my adoption by Titus Qomayumptewa gave me a “medicine” for making a direct connection with the “to BE”…. by extending the Message of Peace of the Hopi, to BE Hopi…BE a “FULL BLOOD”…and BE FREE of the DNA tampering by the NON-Hopi (master of clones).

Nationality is merely a political concoction of all sorts of kinds of people who can be claimed and exploited by being a “subject” owned by a few, who give a damn about “nationality”. Nationality is merely used to rule through division. Don’t let anyone decide who can BE Hopi. Just BE IT. We can BE Hopi without naming ourselves “Hopi”. What’s in a name when it is not lived? To get upset about how another prefers to be named truly shows the depth of ones consciousness. So, BE…and when “Hopi” can accentuate an aspect of IT, then let IT BE!

Anyone who wants to dispute this Message may consult with a “hard to find True Hopi”. Then be sure to ask: “are you a True Hopi?”. He/she may say “find it within yourself, we are all One”! ‘ I have no ill feelings towards the Hopi who find themselves sided with the “Council”. The “Council’s” policeman, Garry, who led the swat-team to confiscate Titus Farm and to arrest me, is still a good friend of mine. I believe that all will have a good ending.

How my name Littlesun was confirmed

How my name was confirmed: A hidden shrine near Flagstaff / Arizona became a place where my Hopi father and I often prayed together. On one such occasion Titus told me that after he “joined the Rainbow”, I must come to the shrine and commune with him.

On the fifth day after Titus passed on I went to this place of prayer. His daughter Rena and his granddaughter Verbena came along. As Rena sensed Titus’ presence I started to smoke the sacred pipe that Titus and I often smoked together.

Upon finishing the pipe I turned to the sun to offer the last puffs of smoke. Then …lo and behold there appeared a full rainbow around the Sun! A bright light (“Littlesun”) showed up on the left side of the Sun. Then the rainbow colours shifted and circled around the “Littlesun.”

Upon leaving the shrine there was a little brown snake on our path. The Hopi call it the Tawa (Sun) snake. They say that this snake can spiral up into the Sun. I opened up my medicine bag and took out some of the Homa (ground white corn) to sprinkle it over the snake, from tail to head. The snake didn’t move. Then it left for the nearby creek.

I looked back to the Sun and saw that the “Littlesun” had disappeared. The basis for me to travel around the world from East to West was then set, and the name”Littlesun” (that I already chose before in a preparatory stage) I will honour until Mother Earth has become Mother Sun.

Last Dance

The Hopis know that there will be a “Last Dance”. No one knows which of the ceremonies will inspire (“in-spirit”) one of the dancers to take off his Mask. The chosen one is the one who can truly LISTEN to his HEART. This is the great challenge, because every one knows it with the MIND. So, when the MOMENT of TRUTH has arrived…..who can actually distinguish between the voice of the mind and the silence of the HEART from where the True Message must come? Who will have the COURAGE to ACT upon the Heart’s Message? What if the message is false, because it was the Mind and not the Heart that was listened too? Then the consequences for the World!

When the “one” takes off his mask all the other dancers will follow suit. After this there will be no more ceremonies! This UNMASKING will resonate throughout the World. All hierarchy and outer-leadership will make place for the Self (the “to BE”) reclaiming his/her True Power. The ONEHEART will then become the CENTRE of GOVERNMENT, where the ONLY ONE, within, resides.

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