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The Two Ways (Yin/Yang) of Reaching Into The Infinite

The circle is the EXPANDED centre and the centre is the CONTRACTED circle.

So….does it matter whether we go inwards or outwards?

Both circle and centre are the SAME.

It is merely by PERCEPTION that the DIFFERENCE can exist.

By this line of reasoning only it becomes possible to accept today’s world order (disorder) to be the ruler of our existence.

Thus in order to assure FREEDOM we have been given the Power of FREE WILL.

So….what shall the CHOICE be?

What will it be, “to BE” or “not to BE”?

What does a choice imply?

A choice can only be made with Perception, After DISCERNMENT.

Discernment implies the POLARITY becoming CONSCIOUS through us.

Polarity came about by the ONLY ONE releasing the Creative Force into the UNKNOWN or Great Mystery.

So….by making the CHOICE to UNIFY the Two into One, the same Creative Force has to flow THROUGH the “one” who made the Choice, back to the ONE Who released the Force.

In other words it is by the surrender of our will to “His” WILL, that we can be FULFILLED.

Fulfilment means to make Full.

We can not be more full than becoming ONE with Creation, to Give ourselves to “His” Creation.

We can know Creation by the Unlimited Horizon.

So….whose will are we following with the surrender to the “new world order”?

Was it the PLAN to DESTROY Creation through the Human Potential?

Destruction is made possible by Extreme polarization/DIVISION.

The explosion of the atom-bomb was indeed the result of the Equation of the Finite (one over infinity, 1/8), for the entering of the VOID with a backwards evolution (making the Human inferior to the most primitive form of life, the virus).

This causes the Nucleus to fully disintegrate and consequently the MEMORY is released too.

The “order” did not stop since then, after the prophetic warning was given by the Hopi.

The “order” went on to apply the equation to the Human.

It is not satisfied until the Human has also fully lost its Memory.

With the genetic manipulation and full-scale warfare on Nature, to reduce the Organic realm into the IN-organic (to organise inwards), the attempt is made to be victorious.

Victorious indeed, to know that Self-destruction (destruction of the SELF) is the salvation of the “new world order”.

All of it has become EVIDENT by the SYSTEMATIC “making war for peace”.

So….the best “weapon” to defeat the Demon is by the INDIVIDUAL (= indivisible –two) giving the BEST answer to the Last Question: “to BE or not to BE”.

However….the Demon gave us great service, by showing us the very Extreme that can possibly contrast Creation, made possible THROUGH the Human Potential.

Now we can know the Extreme Options on the Human Scale, Finite/Illusion and Infinite/Reality.

With the “to BE” answer the PLAN is then Realised, for it then created the ONEHEART-PORTAL that uplifted the Boundary/Condition between the very Extremes.

So….the Force/Will to Fuse the Two has to be UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

The “ultimate goal” is then reached, which is SELF-realisation.

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