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God/god = Law/law *

Who does one worship: God or god? What is worship and what is God?

Worship is adoration – having an affinity to that which supports us in one way or another, or as a whole. What supports us most (that we are aware of) we worship most; this is to us our God.

Law is the Constant by which our needs and existence are perpetuated. The guarantee for the support we need to exist is Law. Consider the two existences of Being: one is temporary – measured between birth and death; the other is eternal and has neither beginning nor end. When we primarily, or only, consider our existence as temporal, we primarily, or only, subject ourselves to temporal laws. Such laws are governed under a secondary or inferior god. However, when our eternal existence is our primary concern, we will follow the Eternal and Unbreakable One Law of the Creator of All. This God we worship is the true and only God. God (Creator of All) = Law (Eternal Constant).

The Law/law is the God/god. We can know which God/god we follow by the Law/law we use to sustain or protect ourselves. The Law of God is made by Him and can only be enforced by Him. Since God is in everything and everyone, this Law is self-enforcing. When we Live His Law, we live a Just Life. On the contrary, man-made laws have to be enforced by man; artificial forces are required to make these laws work. It requires a deductive mindset.

Organised religion and education are supposed to be employed to instil co-operation with temporal or man-made laws. The concepts of obligation, guilt, insecurity, shame and fear become the tools to enforce these laws. Addiction tops them all, making one obey “the law” without a second thought. The god of addiction today is ruling through money, drugs, “medicine,” “social security,” junk foods, etc. The laws of this god are enforced by police and armies at first, but then, when one’s acceptance of the “law” is imprinted in one’s brain, one will no longer care to question the difference between God and god. This is the imminent danger the world is facing today:

Global Slavery, the “Happy Slave.”

Our true Freedom depends on our endlessly growing consciousness of Law. The boundary of Freedom is the endless growing horizon, which unfolds as we try to connect with God. The opposite of Freedom, slavery, is contained within our shrinking horizon of instant gratification and addiction. When we allow these to weaken our bodies and minds, fear, anger, and anxiety become constants in our lives. This opens the gate to the extreme setback in evolution.

Man-made laws are indeed necessary when we fail in comprehending the One Law. Man-made laws can be safely used, with the stipulation that they are not used to overrule those who obey the Law of all laws. Going against the Supreme Law is a declaration of war against God and His Creations and leads to self-destruction. Disease, insanity and natural upheaval indicate a response to the insults against the Highest Order. Today the world is being destroyed under the auspices of “law and order,” because the “law” now serves exclusive interests.

The time has arrived that we can be seen as mirrors of one another. Also the inner and the outer can be seen as one. The Truth must be revealed as to which law we subject ourselves to, because by the law we follow we can know the God or god we worship. When we worship the true God, we will NOT suffer from self-denial and self-oppression, because God also exists within us, as we exist within God. With that consciousness we can truly begin to be as generous and forgiving as the Creator of All. Jealousy, fear and hatred indicate the worship of a false god.

Now we must throw off our mask and have our spirit be tested. Those who lack Courage to do so will hide behind money, politics, weapons and religion. With the True Power shining through us, we can be innocent as a baby, not possessed by our possessions.

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