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DE-Fence the Earth *

With making Creator’s One Law
The Primary Constant
It’s so OBVIOUS…..when laws are used as weapons…..Weapons become the law.
Where does it begin that laws become weapons?
What is a law?
A law is a constant, needed to maintain order.
The only constant that is truly Constant is CHANGE, to maintain the Order of the Infinite Universe.
This relationship with the Whole changes by the claim of a Part, with the purpose to feel comfortable and secure within that part.
Then boundaries are raised to protect the claim.
Here is where laws are created other than the one that maintains ALL parts in harmony with Creation.
These laws, since they are not Self-enforcing, need to be artificially applied, in order to force those who are at the “other side of the fence” to obey the DIVISION.
This principle of law-enforcement has been used by those who want to claim the Whole World (“globalisation”).
So, now on “both sides of the fence” the same law is applied….to assure the usefulness of the law by which the “order of division” is maintained.
The application of these laws have developed to the point where the individual’s Skin has become the Fence.
This happened with the systematic cultivation of DISTRUST, with many ways of TERRORISM.
These secondary laws, make it possible for people to officially terrorise each other with suing and other forms of “rights”.
Formerly the colonies were subdued with the infamy of “divide and conquer”.
Today this principle has become the norm of the “new world order”.
What it al will lead into is the great defeat by NATURE, whose Constant will force the ignorant human back to the Order of Creation.
As soon as the “tsunamy” became “old news” another wake-up call comes up.
What it all boils down to is the RETURN to Creator’s One Law, where any fence is an OFFENCE !!!

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