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Creator’s Law *

“Shake the Anthill and tell the World the truth about Creator’s Law” was the Message of Titus the Hopi Elder. Now ever than before is the understanding of the One Law needed, to end the flood of terrorism, of all kinds. Many are terrorists of the worst kind without knowing it. The worst terrorist is the one who goes into extremes to claim his/her turf, with the total disregard of the truth that Creation is the Common Ground. This is the method of the gangster who wants to mark the boundaries of his territory … instigate a problem first (FEAR) and then offer a “solution”, So who are the ones who offer the “solutions” by which we can “live” WITH the problem?


It makes sense that the ONLY way to reverse and possibly fully solve a problem, is to understand:

The problem within the Universal Context.
Why it became less than universal.
How it could happen.
How the Root-cause creates the various Conditions, which caused the Symptoms.
How  the Individual (indivi = indivisible + dual = two … means Oneness through Duality) fits within the Universal Context.
The Oneness between the inner and the Outer.
How the One Law can be used to restore and maintain this Oneness.
Disease (inner-war), war (outer-disease) and any form of terrorism have the SAME origin! The underlying truth of it is based on the Principle that everything (visible and invisible) cannot exist outside of Creation or the Oneness. That is, when it is true that there is only one Creator or God who is the Omnipresence / Omnipotent, Centre of Centres containing everything that can possibly BE.

Creation is ruled by the Only Absolute Law or Constant that is Self-Enforcing. In other words, nothing and no one can possibly break the One Law. We can only break ourselves against it, by creating our own laws, due to the attempt to SEPARATE a part of Creation, in order to own an artificial universe.

Today’s “new world order” or “globalisation” is the result of the futile attempt of such an ILLUSION. So, since the illusion is bordered by Beginning and End, the strenuous efforts are made to prolong the DIS-illusion! The various efforts to do so:

Introduce limited/limiting concepts of the Order of the Infinite Universe introduced via “religion”, pseudo science, “public schooling” and “media”.
Retardation of the Cellular Memory by genetic manipulation (“GM”) and various techniques and industrial applications, applied to the environment and food cycle.
Instigation of FEAR through various forms of terrorism.
Providing “solutions” (medical, social, political, economical, etc.) by which we can “live” WITH the problem. Think … what is the qualification of the medical establishment to reverse today’s alarming increase of degenerative diseases when it cannot even cure the must simple ailment, the “common cold”?
Make the masses accept corruption, oppression, degeneration, addiction, family disintegration, dependence on false money and the powerlessness of the Individual the NORM. For this reason the CONSTANT negative “daily news”.
So, what happens when the Ignorant Individual says “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” and does not know how to turn the tide? He/she will apply the SAME method, as the ones who control the “law enforcement” in a big way. They will also make weapons the law. Suicide attacks are not excluded when the Individual truly believes that he/she will serve the God he/she believes is the Only One. Then, where do we ultimately find this One? WITHIN! So, does it make sense that no one can escape answering the Last Question: “to BE or not to BE?”. In the most negative sense the dedication to the Self goes along with suicide … “I surrender my will to Your Will”.

THINK! Millions upon millions have given their lives on the battlefield, to enforce the laws of their “country”, with the belief that “God is on my side”. A greater number of non-combatants were killed by these fanatical “law-enforcers”.

Terrorism? This we will end with the end of the oppression of those who want to be FREE Under Creator’s Law. His Law is for ALL and here there are no “sides”.  Justice, Peace and Freedom are attained with the Unbreakable Self-Enforcing ONE LAW of Creation.

Want to end TERRORISM? Well, stop the need for having secondary laws and for them to overrule the Principal Law. This we can do by LIVING Creator’s Law in DAILY LIFE.

However, if the tide of terrorism is not stopped in time … the “few” who are behind the terrorism will not stop with just claiming a territory. Not even owning the whole Earth is enough for them. By playing god (not knowing the difference between God and god) they want to own also the Soul, since they lack the Power to BE. This leads to the CLONING of the Human in THEIR image…

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